Prime Health Services WC Addendum

Maine Practice Management Network Members: If you received the attached letter recently (or receive one in the future) from Prime Health Services, Inc. asking you to sign an Addendum to your Participation Agreement for workers’ compensation, it is because Prime thinks you have a contract with them to take a discount on your workers’ compensation … Read more

New Eval Codes

Many thanks to Mary Kroth-Brunet at Back in Motion Physical Therapy for speaking briefly at our Annual Client meeting on Jan. 26 about the new PT Eval codes. You can access Mary’s “cheat sheet” here.  Mary will provide more in-depth instruction on how to use these codes at the February 15th Practice Management Network webinar … Read more

Payor Contracts

Contracts with private insurers are becoming more and more complicated.  Many contracts are “Silent PPOs” that allow the payer to sell their preferred provider network to any other payer that the provider may already have a separate contract with.  Providers can risk their business by signing every contract that comes their way without first obtaining legal counsel on what the contract … Read more