Will working somewhere that requires me to enroll with Medicare cause issues for my cash practice?

Question:  I need to work at another private practice to supplement my income while building my cash practice.  The practice sees and bills Medicare under the practice’s NPI number.  They will require me to enroll as a Medicare provider to treat their patients. Will this cause any issues for my cash practice?  Will I have … Read more

Can my patient submit a claim to their supplemental insurance plan?

Q:  My patient has a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan.  She wants to know if she can submit her claims to the supplemental insurance plan without submitting to Medicare first. Should I give her a statement to submit? A:  Some supplemental plans may reimburse their insureds for medically necessary services provided by unenrolled providers without requiring … Read more

Advice on Superbill Content

Advice on Superbills When you agree to see a Medicare beneficiary who has elected to pay you cash instead of seeing a Medicare enrolled provider you are accepting some risk that the patient may try to submit your receipts to Medicare for reimbursement or to obtain a denial for a Medicare Supplemental Plan. If the patient … Read more