CASH Practice Webinar, Consultation & Membership

Benefits Include:

  • An on-demand webinar for CA$H Practices that discusses:
      • Whether should you accept assignment from commercial payers
      • Whether you should accept assignment on an auto injury case
      • Whether you can you accept cash from a workers’ compensation patient
      • The history of the private contracting legal/regulatory issues under Medicare and whether you can accept cash payment for medically necessary services, services that are not medically necessary or not covered and services beyond the cap
      • What laws/rules might apply to your situation (mandatory payment submission, the maximum permissible fees and how HIPAA interacts with the Medicare rules) depending on your enrollment status
      • What the risks might be of seeing Medicare beneficiaries depending on your enrollment status
      • How to choose your patients carefully and minimize your risks
      • What rules apply to Medicare replacement plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplemental Plans
      • How HIPAA factors into whether you can accept cash and what records you can release
      • When you require payment and if you charge interest on late payments
      • Whether you accept assignment on commercial and auto claims
      • Whether you want to serve as the Authorized Representative for your patient on an appeal
      • Whether you are enrolled with Medicare as a participating or non-participating provider or have no enrollment relationship with Medicare
      • Whether you are enrolled but in the process of unenrolling or enrolled for the purposes of working elsewhere
  • A 1-hour consult to discuss your business, legal and compliance needs and develop your customized Payment Agreement to use in your practice (scheduled after you watch the webinar). If your situation changes during your Membership year, we will update your Payment Agreement at no charge.
  • HIPAA template forms
  • Consent to treat, telehealth and COVID Waiver of Liability forms
  • Free monthly webinar on a practice management topic on the 3rd Thursday of each month at noon – 1 pm EST/9-10 AM PST.  Webinars are recorded and posted on our Members-only webinars page so you can watch on demand.
  • Other Members-only resources on our website
  • Q & A with us by phone and email any time you need it for a year.
  • All this for $650 for the first year.  Membership renewal fee is $395/yr or $35/month after the first year.

Please note:  By purchasing our Webinar and Membership Program, you agree to the Webinar & Membership Terms and Conditions.  Membership fees are also non-refundable.

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Please note:  We approve all registrations manually, so please allow up to 3 days for your registration to be processed and access to the content to be granted after you pay. 

Cash Practice Webinar, 1-hour consultation and development of customized payment agreement and 1 year Membership:  $650

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