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Thank you for renewing your membership!  If you signed up for a monthly subscription membership, your membership will continue until you cancel it.  If you have any difficulty accessing member pages after you renew, please contact us by email or phone so we can make sure your renewal was properly activated.

Don’t forget that we provide a monthly webinar on various practice topics on the 3rd Thursday of each month from noon – 1 pm eastern time.  The log in information for each session is posted on the Webinars page of our website.  You will have to be logged in to access this page.  The recording of each meeting is posted usually within 2 weeks after the live session on that same page.

We recently organized some of our Members-Only content into COURSES.  Current course topics include:
I recommend cash practices go through both the Cash Practice and the HIPAA Compliance courses.
Please remember to take advantage of the free Q & A by phone or email that you get with your membership.  No question is too insignificant to contact me about.  I love hearing from my clients from time to time about how their practice is going anyway.
FYI – I try to reply to emails within 3 days, but I can’t always check email every day and I’m frequently out of the office, so things get lost in my inbox. If you don’t get a timely reply to an email, please call me on my cell number.  I accept calls in the evening until about 7 pm EST and sometimes on the weekends, so call any time. If you get my voice mail, I’ll call you back ASAP.
Gwen Simons, Esq, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT
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