Workers’ Compensation Petitions for Payment

If your Maine Workers’ Compensation claims have been repriced and you did not get paid your charges or the applicable fee schedule, whichever is less, you can get paid.   It’s easy! Simons & Associates Law will represent you in a Provider’s Petition for Payment for a contingency fee (see details below).  To begin the process, simply … Read more

Deceptive Trade Practices by Workers’ Compensation Payers and “PPO Networks” Grows Worse!

Over the last two years, the problems with workers’ comp claim repricing have grown tremendously.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say many times, scrutinize every single payment you get from all payers on workers compensation claims!  Even if you haven’t yet had a problem, chances are you will or you already have and just haven’t caught it.  I’ve handled approximately 100 cases for  different providers recently and the deception and violations of law, in my opinion, could not be more egregious!  Payers for these cases have included . . . .

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Are Provider Payment Cuts Funding Top Insurance Execs’ Salaries?

The next time United Healthcare, Aetna, WellPoint (Anthem BC/BS), Humana or Cigna arbitrarily deny your claims or inform you they are going to unilaterally cut your reimbursement, think about where that money is going. . . . A Connecticut Health I-Team article reports salary and compensation for the 5 highest paid execs at these companies in 2012 ranged … Read more

Medicare G-Code Reporting with FOTO – recorded presentation posted

On March 12, 2013, Judy Holder from FOTO gave an excellent presentation to our Practice Management Network/My Legal Counsel Members on the Medicare G-Code Reporting requirements and how FOTO can help.  The presentation was recorded . . . .

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